Social economy

Growth in values and quality,
not volume and quantity

an efficient, profitable and useful hotel

Our responsability is to create an ethical and sustainable economy that protects nature and people.

Professionalism, consistency, transparency, attention to detail and passion.

Regenerating people and place

We are committed to equity, inclusivity and year-round employment (not seasonal) that is necessary for a happier, more motivated and engaged workforce.

Thus, on the one hand, employees feel proud of the social impact of their work, they go from being mere employees to being “ambassadors” of our company, and on the other hand, customers also feel proud to contribute social value.

It is important for our business to be viable, to sustain us.
But some time ago, we decided that our success would not only be based on our turnover but also on our positive impact on society, positively influencing the happiness of our community.

We like to grow in value and quality, not in volume and quantity.
And to make our business viable and provide work throughout the year we have created ecotourism experiences in which the Cinquè Llac stands out.

We are proud to be socially- and environmentally-responsible hotel, and it is essential to us to share and communicate our efforts based on regenerative values and practices with the collective, with all stakeholders.

We are also committed to be transparent in order to:

• Help customers to know the story behind each product and its impact on people & the environment
• To be able to holistically evaluate our operations, be held accountable by our community, and to continually coevolve our practices.

We believe in leading by example, collaborating and driving industry change whenever we can, all while setting realistic, measurable sustainability goals.


OUR SOCIAL ECONOMY PROJECT: We are building a viable and ethical company that works for people​

We designed & promoted


In 2011, I created the Cinquè Llac, an experience that supports the local economy, bringing visitors all year round which helps us to deseasonalise, to occupy our staff throughout the year and allow us to be economically viable.
A five-day hike through a truly singular part of the Pyrenees, responsible and sustainable tourism run by local people.

A challenging walk that will take you through the most evocative and least familiar part of the Pyrenees: 100 km / 5 stages

Walk from one delightful rural accommodation to the next Luggage transfer included Just one aim: to get to l’Estany de Montcortés Stunning scenery in the beating heart of nature.

This is a self-guided circular route through the highest Pyrenean foothills that, although designed with true walkers in mind, demands no great technical skills.

Social economy
Cinqué Llac
Logo Pallars gratitude

El Cinquè Llac , The Fifth Lake, is one of causes of the Gratitud Pallars Project where we dedicate time to make it happen and make donations of our profits thanks to the responsible actions of our customers. Thus, you are a key piece in the puzzle!

A proposal for a route with a soul

El Cinquè Llac is managed by small-scale local hotels that believe in honest work and reflect the human side to tourism. We open our doors to visitors as a way of teaching people about the need to respect and enjoy the land, nature and the human heritage that our ancestors have left behind.
Local people are the true creators of El Cinquè Llac. They helped find the ancient trails and salvage the old names, legends and witnesses to the past that were being lost. Writers, biologists, botanists, historians and even the local shepherds all contributed to the wisdom contained in the guide to El Cinquè Llac.

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